Friday, May 28, 2010

on the wall

trying out various display techniques with my Polaroid pieces...i like the combination of imagery with the stitched pieces, they are starting to resemble actual photographs which is what I wanted


Found a site that lets you upload your photographs and they transform them into polaroids for you,would make lovely postcards

an update at last!

So...i have less than two weeks left as a student...the embroidery studio has been cleared, my room is a mess and the stress levels are getting higher....this is some of the most recent imagery of what I'll be having in the degree show. My work is concerned with hand held imagery, and Polaroids in particular. I have an emotional connection towards old antique photographs and I wanted to demonstrate this within my work, and it seems to be going pretty well...I am looking at the various ways in which we view an image, either realistically or abstractly, and have focused on making my marks visible for my audience through vast and exciting colours.
The more abstract stitching was captured on site around some of the inspirational coastal towns and I am developing them into a Polaroid format, with a white border and a larger space at the bottom.
The more realistic piece details some of the personal coastal compositions which I constantly return to. I am fascinated by their intriguing narratives and how even if you change the composition, the mood still remains the same, for me it is my own utopia,somewhere I can feel tranquil safe and splendid in