Friday, February 12, 2010


entry number one
Hello, so this is where i will be posting my artistic activities...
Since September my work has been concerned with Scottish coastal scenery. I have completed some visual research around some coastal towns in which I feel emotionally connected to. With this, i am in the process of creating pieces which reflect my connections and emotions. I have just had my first assessment for this body of work, and a new direction is about to take place. I will continue to use the same imagery, but would like to explore the various routes that I could take such a specific brief into

moving forwards

some of my most recent work...not quite sure where I am with it right now...i feel like I am trying to fit in every possible context and in turn I haven't made a more focused direction.
In September I knew that it was the narrative that I was driven by, but at this point, my work is not really providing my audience with a narrative and its really annoying me...i think I am trying to do something that I am not good at...i dont know where this type of work would fit in, its not got much content nevermind context and i really ned to take an outside look and focus of what it is I want my audience to describe my work as

Mr Tim Walker

Polaroids polaroids polaroids...

The Story of things...

I assisted in a visual narrative conference this week, named 'the story of things' which as curated by Carson and Miller. I acted as a volunteer and was able to attend some o the lectures. It was really inspiring as it helped with my understanding of how to address narrative within your work, an what meanings your audience can depict from something either visual or literal.

inspired again

A selection of artists whose work i a influenced by at the moment...ranging from embroidery,photography and illustration to fashion and fine art