Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the ball rolling...

I haven't updated this in a while and thought i would start to get the creative ball rolling as iv now started a new project.
After a (long) summer off, i feel its time i started to think about how i would want my work to move on and develop from my degree show. i love the idea of continuing with visual narratives and set design, but i feel keeping it with a nautical theme may limit my experiences and start to stereotype me. Instead i would like to use this theme as a means to show how i would 'sail' away from one idea to the next.
I have been keeping a little diary/journal, its not much, but it contains both important, meaningless and drawn thoughts which have sparked the makings of a development...
utopia was a main area that i worked withing throughout my nautical exploration, and this word takes you to so many different places, means so many different things to various different people and also has great effects when put into action...
i have started to explore the varieties of meanings of this word in order to tie connections between my personal utopia,or what i thought was my only utopia...scans coming soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

prepping up for the show

The final week in the studio has been pretty intense but it has seemed to work out and I am really pleased with my final outcomes. I was a bit nervous about putting up my pieces as it required a lot of thought and planning and the three large pieces needed to be drilled into the wall, but after lots of trial and error moments and some slight hiccups I got there in the end and I think its working really well.
The display as a whole really invites the viewer into the scene, which was what my original intensions were. I think combining various sizes and scales has brought a greater depth of field to the aesthetics and I recently discovered that when I placed the small Polaroids within the larger a real sense of movement was created. The stitching in each piece travels from left to right and makes a great relationship between my coastal visit journey and my embroidery investigation

Friday, May 28, 2010

on the wall

trying out various display techniques with my Polaroid pieces...i like the combination of imagery with the stitched pieces, they are starting to resemble actual photographs which is what I wanted


Found a site that lets you upload your photographs and they transform them into polaroids for you,would make lovely postcards

an update at last!

So...i have less than two weeks left as a student...the embroidery studio has been cleared, my room is a mess and the stress levels are getting higher....this is some of the most recent imagery of what I'll be having in the degree show. My work is concerned with hand held imagery, and Polaroids in particular. I have an emotional connection towards old antique photographs and I wanted to demonstrate this within my work, and it seems to be going pretty well...I am looking at the various ways in which we view an image, either realistically or abstractly, and have focused on making my marks visible for my audience through vast and exciting colours.
The more abstract stitching was captured on site around some of the inspirational coastal towns and I am developing them into a Polaroid format, with a white border and a larger space at the bottom.
The more realistic piece details some of the personal coastal compositions which I constantly return to. I am fascinated by their intriguing narratives and how even if you change the composition, the mood still remains the same, for me it is my own utopia,somewhere I can feel tranquil safe and splendid in

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artist Preparation and finalising recent work

I talked to a group of 10 students about my journey throughout the past three years as an artist. It was interesting to look at my work as a journey and discuss how I see myself in the future and what context I would like to consider my work as.
With a breakthrough occurring throughout the past three weeks, I can now see a clear definition for my work. I would like it to be viewed as 3D installation piece, that you could view in a gallery or open space. However, there are many aspects within my work which cold be pitched to a more fashion or interiors context and I want to consider this for when i graduate and make plans on creating my portfolio.

I feel I am finally starting to enjoy what I am creating...its taken a while but I am happy at this point with what I am doing and what is going to happen within the next few weeks
Looking back at older work, Im still relating everything to the image, after being inspired by a selection of old photographs that my grandfather gave me. They detail specific coastal scenery which I feel emotionally connected to..i think its something to do with the colours and the atmospheres, how you can depict narratives and create moods with just a small glimpse of composition...

Came across Hattie Newman's work today. She is an illustrator/set designer who lives and works in London. I was inspired by her paper theatre piece, as after my seminar the idea of creating my embroidered pieces into a theatre set was suggested. I think with the boats and waves providing 3D elements,I could take it down that route and i it seems quite inspiring at the moment. I am enjoying the numerous possible contexts that my work could suggest, ad i want to play about with this idea a bit more

A New Direction

I have taken a more focsed route with my most recent work.
I am interested in presenting all of my work as a whole, including stitch work, paper,cut work and photography and have started playing around with different compositions providing a visual pesentation of mixed media.
I am using a combination of focal imagery, combining abstarc imagery of nautical environments with realistic literal pieces which detail the beauty and my personal fascinations of coastal scenery.

Joan Eardley...

I find her work really inspiring right now...i love how she captures the atmosphere of these scenic places through the use of thick blurry colour

Friday, February 12, 2010


entry number one
Hello, so this is where i will be posting my artistic activities...
Since September my work has been concerned with Scottish coastal scenery. I have completed some visual research around some coastal towns in which I feel emotionally connected to. With this, i am in the process of creating pieces which reflect my connections and emotions. I have just had my first assessment for this body of work, and a new direction is about to take place. I will continue to use the same imagery, but would like to explore the various routes that I could take such a specific brief into

moving forwards

some of my most recent work...not quite sure where I am with it right now...i feel like I am trying to fit in every possible context and in turn I haven't made a more focused direction.
In September I knew that it was the narrative that I was driven by, but at this point, my work is not really providing my audience with a narrative and its really annoying me...i think I am trying to do something that I am not good at...i dont know where this type of work would fit in, its not got much content nevermind context and i really ned to take an outside look and focus of what it is I want my audience to describe my work as

Mr Tim Walker

Polaroids polaroids polaroids...