Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artist Preparation and finalising recent work

I talked to a group of 10 students about my journey throughout the past three years as an artist. It was interesting to look at my work as a journey and discuss how I see myself in the future and what context I would like to consider my work as.
With a breakthrough occurring throughout the past three weeks, I can now see a clear definition for my work. I would like it to be viewed as 3D installation piece, that you could view in a gallery or open space. However, there are many aspects within my work which cold be pitched to a more fashion or interiors context and I want to consider this for when i graduate and make plans on creating my portfolio.

I feel I am finally starting to enjoy what I am creating...its taken a while but I am happy at this point with what I am doing and what is going to happen within the next few weeks
Looking back at older work, Im still relating everything to the image, after being inspired by a selection of old photographs that my grandfather gave me. They detail specific coastal scenery which I feel emotionally connected to..i think its something to do with the colours and the atmospheres, how you can depict narratives and create moods with just a small glimpse of composition...

Came across Hattie Newman's work today. She is an illustrator/set designer who lives and works in London. I was inspired by her paper theatre piece, as after my seminar the idea of creating my embroidered pieces into a theatre set was suggested. I think with the boats and waves providing 3D elements,I could take it down that route and i it seems quite inspiring at the moment. I am enjoying the numerous possible contexts that my work could suggest, ad i want to play about with this idea a bit more

A New Direction

I have taken a more focsed route with my most recent work.
I am interested in presenting all of my work as a whole, including stitch work, paper,cut work and photography and have started playing around with different compositions providing a visual pesentation of mixed media.
I am using a combination of focal imagery, combining abstarc imagery of nautical environments with realistic literal pieces which detail the beauty and my personal fascinations of coastal scenery.

Joan Eardley...

I find her work really inspiring right now...i love how she captures the atmosphere of these scenic places through the use of thick blurry colour