Tuesday, June 8, 2010

prepping up for the show

The final week in the studio has been pretty intense but it has seemed to work out and I am really pleased with my final outcomes. I was a bit nervous about putting up my pieces as it required a lot of thought and planning and the three large pieces needed to be drilled into the wall, but after lots of trial and error moments and some slight hiccups I got there in the end and I think its working really well.
The display as a whole really invites the viewer into the scene, which was what my original intensions were. I think combining various sizes and scales has brought a greater depth of field to the aesthetics and I recently discovered that when I placed the small Polaroids within the larger a real sense of movement was created. The stitching in each piece travels from left to right and makes a great relationship between my coastal visit journey and my embroidery investigation

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