Tuesday, October 5, 2010

the ball rolling...

I haven't updated this in a while and thought i would start to get the creative ball rolling as iv now started a new project.
After a (long) summer off, i feel its time i started to think about how i would want my work to move on and develop from my degree show. i love the idea of continuing with visual narratives and set design, but i feel keeping it with a nautical theme may limit my experiences and start to stereotype me. Instead i would like to use this theme as a means to show how i would 'sail' away from one idea to the next.
I have been keeping a little diary/journal, its not much, but it contains both important, meaningless and drawn thoughts which have sparked the makings of a development...
utopia was a main area that i worked withing throughout my nautical exploration, and this word takes you to so many different places, means so many different things to various different people and also has great effects when put into action...
i have started to explore the varieties of meanings of this word in order to tie connections between my personal utopia,or what i thought was my only utopia...scans coming soon!

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